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Juan les pins - Hotel courbet

Juan les pins

Juan-les-pins International Jazz Festival

Juan-Les-Pins is the town which welcomed the first European Jazz Festival in 1960, and this was no coincidence. Nearly 46 years earlier, as soon as the phenomenon began, jazz arrived here as if by miracle. This is where the worldwide myth of the “Jazz Age” and “Enfants du Jazz” came into being.
Today (2007) Jazz in Juan celebrates its 47th anniversary. It has made a name for itself as one of those legendary places where jazz sees its memory developed ans, above all, its eternal renewal established through young and talented newcomers.

Dor de la Souchère

The collection of modern art, started in 1951 by Dor de la Souchère, has been added to with donations by exhibiting artists as well as purchases over the years by Antibes council.

Important 20th century artists representing different art movements are in the collections, including Hartung, Klein, Magnelli, Music, Pagès, Picabia, Pincemin, Raysse, Spoerri, Viallat and many more.

On the terrace of the Picasso Museum, there is a permanent exhibition of an excellent collection of sculptures by Germaine Richier. Other artists exhibited there are Joan Miro, Bernard Pagès, Anne and Patrick Poirier.


The world of the sea NATURE IN ALL ITS SPLENDOUR
Always amazing, come to Marineland to share an Ocean of Emotion.
Dazzling : killer whales, dolphins and sea lions invite visitors every day to discover their talents in unique awe-inspiring performances full of surprises! Impressive : sharks display their own barnd of mystery.

Fascinating : multicoloured tropical fish parade before you.
Everything you need for an exclusive adventure in the dephts of the sea !

A new AUDITORIUM!A world in pictures… A magnificent 300-seat auditorium for screening films on the undersea world. Starting at 1:30 pm, visitors in the Park enjoy free access to the amphitheatre, behind the orca’s pool. An invitation to travel in the magic world of whales.

Picasso Museum 

A visit to the Picasso Museum is a moving experience. It evokes joy and pain, despondency and exultation. Visitors cannot help but sense all that has gone on within these walls that were the Antibes Chateau. There was the delicate balance of a family relationship and the ensuing drama; the intrusion of the museum on the chateau; the silence and the magic. The chateau of Antibes is poetic, serious and joyous at one and the same time, like the sea that is visible from many of its windows. A place which saw nobility and poverty and which one day became the home of the Spanish artist Picasso, who continued the magic. The museum is not to be understood, it is to be experienced. It is what it is, take it or leave it.